Artist: Outputmessage
Title: Quantum Love
Genre: Electronic, Pop Format: Digital
Release Date: Oct 2, 2012
Artwork: Bernard Farley


As the swirling hip-hop of "40000km" kicks off the Quantum Love EP, Bernard Farley aka Outputmessage shouts "look at all the possibilities..." into outer space, realizing how spectacular it is that the Earth is spinning around at 40,000 kilometers a day. Using physics as inspiration, he not only drifts into intriguing lyrical territory, but travels through spacious sounds of lush electronic R&B and indie rock along the way.

Highlights include the R&B ballad "Tachyons", which takes its name from the theorized particles that bend the rules of time. Just as scientists believe it's unlikely for tachyons to exist, Farley sings doubtfully of recreating a love that once was, but he stubbornly wants to try anyway. Meanwhile, the IDM-reggae of "Quantum Spin" provocatively compares two conflicted lovers to two electrons in an atom inextricably connected by their opposite spins. As one changes movement to spin left, the other is forced to spin right.

As a self-proclaimed math nerd, it's not surprising to hear Farley ruminating over celestial bodies and the connections between love and physics, but what is surprising is how endearing and intimate the results are. Continuing to display a knack for sonic experimentation that still manages to stay accessible and earnest, Farley explores the outer space of love while staying grounded on Earth.




01 40000km
02 Tachyons
03 Quantum Spin
04 Heisenberg
05 Space Time








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