Artist: Dmerit
Title: Stuck on You Remixes
Genre: Electronic Format: Digital
Release Date: February 8th, 2011
Artwork: Jonathan Luna


Dmerit is the disco-house project of DC producer/DJs Outputmessage and Micah Vellian. Since their Stuck on You EP was released, both have been quite busy with their own various musical projects. Even still, they've been refining their ears while DJing for the likes of Hercules & Love Affair, helping them to construct even more potent house tracks that recall early Daft Punk. Now on Stuck on You Remixes they've reworked their debut EP.

Starting with a combined remix of "Stuck on You" and "Girls and Make-up", Dmerit takes elements from both tracks to create a stripped down driving tech-house version swirling with filter sweeps and a disco vocal mantra that culminates into their tightest groove yet. Will Eastman (Plant Music), follows up with Balearic vocal and dub renditions of ";Stuck on You" that can easily find its way among the dance clubs and shores of Ibiza. Lastly, AutoRock takes "Girls and Make-Up" and makes it thicker and funkier, complete with amazing horn arrangements that beg people to strut right onto the dance floor.




01 Stuck on You (Re-work)
02 Stuck on You (Will Eastman Remix)
03 Girls and Make-up (AutoRock Dub Remix)
04 Stuck on You (Will Eastman Ibiza Sunrise Dub Remix)



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Dmerit - "Stuck On You (Re-work)" (VIDEO)
by Wilderness Bureau.