Artist: Outputmessage
Title: Autonomous
Genre: Electronic Format: CD / Digital
Release Date: February 9th, 2010


For someone who composes music that evokes images of a not-so-distant, almost utopian future, Outputmessage (Bernard Farley), possesses a resilient old soul. It’s no accident, then, that when he first entered the music scene, through Ghostly International’s Idol Tryouts Vol. 1, he was only 18. But what the rest of the world didn't know was that a tumultuous home life would force the Queens-born producer to grow up quickly. Incarcerated relatives, an estranged father, and financial difficulties had forced his mom and his sister to move out of New York and down to Richmond, Virginia. It was here, at the tender age of 14, where Farley turned to music as a means of escape.

Now, eight years into the industry -- with several singles, EPs, remixes, and a full-length out of the way -- Farley’s resilience, perseverance and integrity has led him to start his own imprint, Output Noise Records. DC’s DIY atmosphere is partially responsible for Farley starting ONR, but most importantly the label allows complete creative control for himself and his artists.

Farley’s sophomore full-length, Autonomous, signifies a turning point for his music. His earlier compositions, although dense, had always been heralded as catchy and poppy for an IDM producer. His songs have now become even poppier, but most importantly, he has started incorporating his own voice. Autonomous--a deeply personal album--took two years to make and was inspired by the very hardships that Farley has gone through over the years. Although there are serious undertones within the album, Farley manages to present the bittersweet reflections into catchy and uplifting pop songs, much like the melancholic sentiments expressed in a Pet Shop Boys or a New Order song. The disco-house stomper, "Get Away," focuses on the difficulty moonlighting a music career, without sounding overly dramatic or cliche. "N.Y.R." was inspired by his best friend’s suicide, but again, his lyrics and music serve as a salve rather than a lament.

With all the things Farley has gone through, it would be easy for his music to fall into darker territories. Fortunately for us, Farley works through his pain not by wallowing, but by celebrating the present moment. Output Noise Records is proud to present to you the culmination of Farley’s life’s work: Autonomous.




01 Prelude
02 Get Away
03 N.Y.R.
04 Resurface (Vocal)
05 I Remember (Feat. City Rain)
06 Follow
07 Tuesday
08 Glintz (Vocal)
09 Undone
10 Foreign
11 My Love
12 Syracuse



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